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1974 D Smith 1999 S Cox
1975 P Mellon 2000 D Ashby
1976 B Burns 2001 S Cox
1977 R Boulton 2002 N Moore
1978 R Boulton 2003 J Lawson
1979 T Felstead 2004 J Lawson
1980 P Mellon 2005 W Osborne
1981 R Boulton 2006 T Webster
1982 J Kent 2007 A Hayward
1983 D Edwards 2008 J Bloxham
1984 C Manson 2009 A Hayward
1985 S Deakin 2010 J Bloxham
1986 S Linge 2011 A Hayward
1987 D Webster 2012 G Nichols
1988 J Down 2013 Steve King
1989 K Hayward 2014 D Nichols
1990 J Hilliard 2015 A Faires
1991 R Greggs 2016 J Payne
1995 R Giggs 2017 D Nicholls
1996 N Johnson 2018
1997 R Griggs 2019
1998 I Amos 2020
Mellon Cup


Originally presented to the Best Young Player. Now presented to Sunday Bowler of the season

Mr. Mellon was the father of Phillip Mellon who played for the club for many years. During the late 60’s and 70’s the club had a shaky period because of pitch problems. Harry Steele had retired and the superb Fairview pitch had gone to pieces, as it was maintained by sub-contractors. Fairview moved to King George’s field but that was not working out for the same reason and so we moved to Eastwood Park, which was not very suitable for many reasons. Too far out of Rayleigh we were often using number 2 pitch so we were a long way from the dressing rooms, poor tea making facilities and so on.
We had decided to go in with Rayleigh Town Football Club to take on the new ground and this was also causing some difficulties. Mr. Mellon offered to help and although he knew little about cricket became President for four years and helped to settle the club down and get it on an even keel once again, which he did. He then made way for Tony Greatorex.
He had actually presented the Mellon Cup for the best young player some years before he became President.